Continental Luscombe Association

Welcome to this page and to the whole site where you can be able to now things about the association. Airplanes are manufactured by different companies. They have their own features that people can like and so they were bought. They could have their own glory days but they can still continue to display their usefulness even as time passes by. Having an airplane can also boost someone’s confidence just like having a car.

It can also be that a person is fond of flying. Not all can become a pilot and not all also can own their own airplane. So whatever side you can be, you can see that each have their own benefit. They also present each advantage to the owner. As Luscombe planes had been made, they are still in existence today and could fly. The founder of the company that made the plane from start to finish is Donald A. Luscombe. The company though had to file for bankruptcy.

They had produced already planes that the public likes and so there are many who owns those aircraft that was made long years ago. That is why the association was formed so that owners can also have time to meet other owners and have fun flying together. The association is non-profit and it gathers owners annually which also features different activities like flying competition. It is usually done in California which has become the culture of the association and the owners of aircraft.